Ask IPS School Board Members: Support IPS Plan to Fix Our Struggling High Schools

IPS high schools are struggling right now – both academically and financially. Of the six high schools in IPS, only two are rated higher than a “D” by the state of Indiana. This poor performance, combined with the fact high school buildings are, in some cases, sitting two-thirds empty, indicates that something needs to be done to better serve students and families.

That’s why parents and taxpayers need to support a new vision for high schools in IPS – one that will take the widely successful career and technical education programming and make it available to all high school students across IPS. For the few students in IPS who have been exposed to career-focused classes in the past, the graduation rate is above 91 percent. Shouldn’t all students have access to these college and career-themed programs, which are getting much better results than the traditional high school academic model in IPS? This new vision for IPS high schools would make this possible.

If you believe that all kids deserve a high school experience that better prepares them for success in life, please take action by sending an email to IPS school board members telling them that you support the new plan for improving IPS high schools.

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