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The current Illinois school funding formula is the most inequitable in the country. Driven by over-reliance on property taxes and low state investment, the school funding system in Illinois invests just 80 cents per low-income student for every dollar on more privileged students.

Senate Bill 1 (Manar/Davis) would move Illinois from the worst school funding system in the country to one of the best. The bill came after four years of studies, commissions, task forces, and negotiations among policymakers, coupled with a groundswell of grassroots support to end the failed status quo and ensure our funding formula works for all of students. It passed the House and Senate on May 31, 2017, making it the first new funding formula to pass in over a decade. The Governor vetoed SB1 in July. The Senate overrode his veto on August 13. The House is expected to next consider an override.

No school district loses a penny of state or local funding under SB1. This landmark model holds every district harmless and invests new resources to the most underfunded districts. The formula calculates how much funding each districts needs based on its unique student populations, estimates how many local resources are available for education expenses, and invests new resources in all schools, with 99% going to districts that are funded at less than 90% of what they need. Here's how:

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SB1 uses evidence-based practices to calculate how much funding districts need. This provides districts and communities with a blueprint for schools to drive student learning with their education dollars. These best practices range from class sizes, to instrumental material costs, to English learner supports.

A property tax relief fund provides tax relief for underfunded districts with high tax rates. High property taxes hurts families, seniors, and small businesses. SB1 incentivizes underfunded districts to reduce high property tax rates. Also, every community will benefit unprecedented spending transparency for each school.

Chicago Public Schools gets treated like every other district. SB1 eliminates special Chicago Block Grants in the future and provides state support for teacher pension costs across the state.



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