Thank you to everyone who supported New Trier High School’s All-School Seminar Day, which was held on February 28, 2017. The theme for the day was “Understanding Today’s Struggle for Racial Civil Rights.” The School’s goals for Seminar Day were “to help students better understand how the struggle for racial civil rights stretches across our nation’s history, that people of diverse racial backgrounds were involved in each chapter in this history, and how previous civil rights movements connect with the issues that we are discussing today.”
Our online petition stated “As citizens, parents, and community members, let’s show the New Trier School Board we support Seminar Day and our educators. We recognize these conversations may not be easy, but they are important.” During the 24 days that the petition was active, 5,489 individuals signed it. Eighty-three percent of signers self-identified as having a direct connection to New Trier as a resident of the township, a future or current parent of NTHS, or a graduate of NTHS. The petition was presented to the Board at its meeting on February 20. The President of the School Board issued a statement on Seminar Day on February 23.