I support better tests for Colorado's students!

Sick of tests that don’t help your child? You’re not alone.

Higher standards that prepare our students for college and career mean better goals for students, and better tests help parents and teachers know if their kids are on track to meet them.

Old tests from past years didn't measure critical thinking or problem solving and didn't give a true picture of learning. Now we're asking students to do more than guess ‘c’ on an answer sheet.

The new generation of tests that are being administered this year:

  • Are fair and skill-based
  • Give teachers a true look at achievement and help them tailor their teaching to their students’ needs
  • Provide parents with feedback on how their child is doing beyond a report card
  • Are comparable from city to city and state to state, ensuring that students are on a level playing field

We’ve raised the expectations for our kids, so we need to support these fair tests that will help, not hinder, the education experience.