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Everyone agrees that education is key to addressing the major challenges facing Memphis. There are over 16,000 unfilled jobs available in Memphis, 30,000 young people not in school or working, and a child poverty rate of 43%. Investing in our young people must be a top priority for our city leaders and lawmakers!

2013 was the last year that the City of Memphis invested dollars ($65 million) in public education for our Memphis students. Memphis is now the only city in Shelby County that does not contribute directly to the education of its children!

There are specific investments that the city can make in education to begin to address these dire statistics. We are requesting that the City of Memphis budget $10 million directly for education targeted in 4 areas:

  • Establish and expand career technical education (CTE) programs in high schools that are relevant to the workforce needs in Memphis.
  • Establish and expand graduation success and dropout-prevention strategies in high schools.
  • Establish and scale high quality out-of-school time learning opportunities.
  • Expand job experience and training opportunities.

Join with the Fund Students First Coalition and sign the petition to tell the Mayor and City Council that we want Memphis to take responsibility for supporting the education of our students and the future of our city.


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