Thank ISBE for "Funding a Civil Right"

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) recently supported a budget, called “Funding a Civil Right,” that includes funding for key priorities for our students, including most notably nearly fully funding the new formula and universal preschool. Another visionary addition was the investment in career-connected learning. For the first time since 2004, Career and Technical Education would get a funding boost. ISBE would also fund freshman-on-track early intervention systems and competency-based learning pilot programs. This is all great news for Illinois students, and we need to let ISBE members know that we appreciate their commitment to vocational education.
Take a few seconds to sign this thank you note to ISBE. We will then present the thank you note to ISBE.
Dear ISBE Board Members,
As an Illinois resident and education advocate, I appreciate your support for your visionary budget recommendation, which included fully funding the new school funding system, as well as increased funding for career and technical education (CTE) programs in our state. Coupled with the funding for freshman-on-track early intervention systems and competency-based learning pilots, you demonstrate your commitment to educating our students for the jobs of tomorrow.
These investments will pave the way for boosting vocational training in Illinois schools and offer students a pathway to success after high school. As our state continues to fight to keep students in Illinois after high school, these innovative solutions will help to put a plug in Illinois Brain Drain and provide our students with more options for their futures.
Thank you again for your support for career-connected learning in Illinois schools. I look forward to working together to make sure they become law and impact as many students as possible.

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