Join our #EdSquad and help us fund Arizona's schools!

Arizona’s system for funding education has been broken for decades and our schools have suffered as a result. Arizona was dead last when it came to the amount of money states spent per student. We were ranked last before the recession and we rank at the bottom to this day.

We need our elected officials to step up with a long-term, sustainable funding solution. Right now, the Arizona legislature is putting together its proposed budget. We can't allow funding cuts or shortcut policies that only kick the can further down the road, scarring educational outcomes for generations.

That’s where we need your support. Join our #EdSquad and be part of the movement of education advocates across Arizona who are standing up for sustainable funding for our schools. Our children deserve better. And with your help, we can do better.

Sign the petition today: I support a long-term solution to fund Arizona schools


I support a long-term funding solution for Arizona's education system that is transparent, efficient, equitable, flexible but accountable, and provides predictability in funding levels. I will stand up for Arizona's students to make sure we give them the education they deserve.