With all of us standing up and speaking out in favor of the Dream Act, we magnify our influence. Telling your story is easy, and we promise to never use your personal information without your permission!


Step 1: Introduce yourself and your relationship to the community.

Example: I've lived in Tucson for 10 years, I’m a working mom with two kids.


Step 2: What is your relationship to the issue or those affected by it?

Example: While I am a US citizen, my best friend was brought to this country when he was 6-years old. This is the only country he has ever known. We grew up together. He’s a good father and friend who works hard and pays taxes.


Step 3: Drive home your point and make a call to action!

Example: DACA has allowed my friend to come out of the shadows. He has a mortgage, pays taxes and provides for his family. But, not only is the DACA program at risk, it is only a temporary solution. We need Congress to act now!


Thank you.