Tell Us Your Story!

Personal stories of how you, your child, or someone you know benefitted from or struggled with learning to read can help paint a picture of why early literacy is so important. Telling your story is easy and helps strengthen the campaign to improve early literacy opportunities for all children. Of course, we promise to never use your personal information without your permission.

In the “Share Your Story” field below, please respond to these prompts:

Step 1: Introduce yourself and your relationship to the community.

Example: I've lived in Boston for 15 years, I’m a mom with two kids.


Step 2: What is your relationship to the early literacy issue or those affected by it?

Example 1: While growing up, I struggled with reading and because of this I never felt brave enough to read in front of my class when called on by the teacher. To this day, I still get nervous when I’m asked to read something in front of a large group.

Example 2: I was lucky to have a great kindergarten teacher who made learning to read fun and enjoyable – I’ve always loved to read. I want all children to have such a positive experience when they learn to read.


Step 3: Why do you think early literacy is important?

Example: Early literacy is important because if you can’t read, you can’t learn, and I don’t want other children to struggle through school.


Thank you!

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