Tell Us Your Story!

Personal stories of how you, your child, or someone you know has dealt with inequity in our schools are very powerful. Telling your story is easy and helps strengthen the campaign to ensure all children receive a quality education regardless of their zip code. Of course, we promise to never use your personal information without your permission.

In the “Share Your Story” field below, please respond to these prompts:

Step 1: Introduce yourself and your relationship to the community.

Example: I've lived in Boston for 15 years, I’m a mom with two kids.


Step 2: How have you or your child experienced the lack of fair funding in the school system?

Example 1: My son is attending an underfunded school. We were in a lottery to get a spot on the school bus, luckily he was able to get a seat but a lot of neighbors are still waiting. They are forced to drive their children in, or send their children in a cab to school. 

Example 2: I live in a wealthier school district that provides laptops to all children attending elementary school. It makes me sad to think that just 10 miles away the teachers have to spend their own money to have basic school supplies such as pencils.


Step 3: Why do you all school districts should be fair funded?

Example: Every year, the amount of state funding for schools covers less of what it costs school districts to provide a quality education.

Thank you!

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