Dear Governor Baker,

Congratulations on your re-election and thank you for prioritizing fair school funding in your welcome address. Governor Baker, over half of Massachusetts’ children are growing up unable to read — especially those going to school in under resourced school districts. While their peers are on or above grade level in reading and preparing for success in school and in life, these children struggle every day to try to keep up.

Success in early literacy determines a child’s future. It’s that simple: read well or reap detrimental consequences. But, you can change these outcomes and give every child in our state the opportunity to thrive. To accomplish this, we ask you to lead the legislature in updating the funding formula and then fully fund the Foundation Budget Review Commission’s recommendations. These are the funds that will finally open the door to leveling the playing field and giving all kids a chance.

You, Governor Baker, have the power to make this crucial change for equity in our great Commonwealth. We ask you to communicate your commitment to updating the budget formula and focusing on improving literacy through equitable funding change in your State of the State address and H1 budget. Fair school funding in Massachusetts is a step towards ensuring that ALL of our children regardless of background, have the resources they need to read at grade-level by the crucial make-it or break-it point that is third grade.

Please put our children at the forefront and prioritize equitable funding for Massachusetts.

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