It's time to turn around failing schools!

Tell Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) leaders that you support using innovative programs to improve schools in challenged neighborhoods so that ALL children have access to quality schools!

More than half of the children in Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) do not have access to a quality education. Too many schools in our community – especially those serving minority children and low-income families —are struggling with “D” and “F” ratings by the state, while wealthier neighborhoods have access to quality school options. The time is now to change this. That’s why we support:

  • The concept of Innovation Schools, which allow IPS to bring models similar to those in higher-income neighborhoods to more schools throughout our community;
  • Initiatives by IPS that ensure quality school options for ALL families, regardless of school type – be they public charter schools or traditional public schools; and
  • Strong accountability that allows IPS to prevent any failing school from negatively impacting our children for multiple years.

Tell Indianapolis Public Schools’ officials that you support using innovative programs to turn around “D” and “F”-rated schools!